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Power Technologies is an expert in thermal monitoring solutions. Specialising in end-to-end predictive non-contact thermal
monitoring solutions, we bring industrial IoT, Big Data and A.I. to organisations in any industry that need real-time business insights.
As a distributor, solution provider and integrator, our services cover thermal, partial discharge, vibration and arc detection.

With Power Technologies, our customers will gain high-value insights and innovative plan-of-actions through the
carefully-measured and studied data we collect.

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Why Power Technologies

Uniformity of sensor data enables the best use of A.I. analytics, leading to increased efficiency in the procurement process,
and reduced operating expenses spent on on-site staffing levels. This will also allow you to deploy manpower more efficiently.

Additionally, a better identification of equipment with the best performance profiles will significantly reduce levels of equipment failure. This, in turn, will improve overall safety thanks to fewer physical inspections and maintenance work required to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Better efficiency across all your operational sectors will eventually bring you an increased bottom-line performance. Coupled with our standard upstream and downstream facilities designs, all these will ensure you get the maximum amount of profits at the lowest possible cost, all while adhering to the best quality standards.


Our Core


We aim to provide only the best we can offer to our clients,
all while keeping true to our industry’s standards.


We are a company that encourages growth for both our people and our clients. As such, we work hard to provide them with the opportunities they need to succeed.


We ensure that our teams work hand-in-hand with each other in order to give our clients the best we can provide.


As a company that values our customers, we strive to consider the needs, feelings and wishes of each and every client.

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