Experience Efficient, Safe, and Reliable Energy Management with PTSenR

PTSenR, is our premier product line created in response to the tightening electrical standards and the growing need to manage high-value equipment. Our mission is to ensure production continuity, human safety, and the highest levels of sustainability, availability, and reliability.

PTSenR revolutionizes energy harvesting and efficiency with its innovative products including Energy Harvesting Wireless Temperature Sensors, Wireless Receivers, Smart Sensors for Liquid Leaks & Temperature Monitoring, Monitoring Solutions, and Partial Discharge Monitoring. These offerings aim to deliver real-time analytics, remote device management, instant notifications, high service reliability, and availability.

Our unique blend of infrared, fiber optic, and energy harvesting sensing systems provide smart solutions across various sectors. The highlight of our range is the EH thermal sensor, the world’s smallest IP 68 sensor, designed to monitor and protect electrical assets predictively.

We offer a new approach to maintenance with our SMART IoT sensors, ensuring every electrical panel in your building is continuously monitored, reducing both maintenance labor and risk of unplanned downtime.


Explore Our PTSenR Products

Energy Harvesting Wireless Temperature Sensors:

Discover our range of energy-efficient sensors, from self-powered, solar-powered to cable and infrared sensors, we offer comprehensive, wireless solutions for all your monitoring needs.

Wireless Receivers:

Discover our range of Wireless Receivers, from the Solar Powered Tower Gateway to Multifunction Wireless Gateways. These devices, including HMI and 18-sensor Receiving Modules, ensure effective, seamless communication.

Smart Sensors for Liquid Leaks & Temperature Monitoring:

Discover our range smart sensors, from monitoring temperature fluctuations with our Distributed Temperature Sensing System to detecting water leaks and levels, we offer cutting-edge solutions to safeguard your facilities and protect your assets.


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