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Anbesec is a leading manufacturer of linear heat detection systems and has been developing highly advanced linear heat detectors for over 20 years. Its digital and analogue heat detectors offer top-of-the-line performance and reliability, making the brand a one-stop fire detection solution for a variety of applications.

PTS’s MS10001 series comprise of digital detectors that provide a very early alarm detecting function to its protected environment.

  • Level 1 Alarm – Pre alarm for lower-rated temperature
  • Level 2 Alarm – Confirmed Fire Alarm

    PTS also offers the Analogue Adjustable Series, a high-performance analogue type linear heat detector, with high adaptability and high price-performance ratio, making it widely applied in various industries.

    On the other hand, the Analogue Resettable Fixed Temperature Linear Heat Detector provides an advanced alarm detecting function which can be reset and reused after the alarm, making it suitable for most industrial and commercial places. It has continuous sensitivity and will not be influenced by changing environment temperatures as well as cable length.

    The Power Technologies & Anbesec Advantage

    Lower Design

    Utilise a standardised upstream and downstream facilities design.

    Reduced Levels of
    Equipment Failure

    Equip your facilities with the best performance profiles.

    Best Use of
    Innovative Products

    Stay confident with a family of durable products.


    Reduce the failures and risks of physical inspections or maintenance

    Reduced Operational Expenses

    Save costs by cutting expenses on on-site staffing.


    Quicker and more effective procurement processes.

    Increased Overall Performance

    Efficiency across all operational sectors of your business.

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