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Safe Connect boasts a multi-award-winning fire safety product line that’s built on innovation, efficiency and functionality.
Their signature Flame Retardant (FRT) Compound products include:



Hot Connection Indicator (HCI)

An incremental tool used as part of periodic inspections of electrical installations. This accessory changes from purple to pink once the cable’s connection is heated, giving the electrician a visual indication that an action is necessary.



Hot Plug Indicator (HPI)

HPI which protects plugs, adapters and extension sockets against electrical fire or breakdown. HPIs have become a necessity among homes and businesses as they complement the in-service inspection of portable and plug-in electrical equipment. The HPI won the Electrical Industry Awards for Residential/Domestic Product of the Year in 2019, the same year the product was released.



HCI Cable Wrap

A brand-new electrical fire safety product for larger applications. It also won the Industrial Product of the Year in 2019,
the same year it was launched.


The Power Technologies & Safe Connect Advantage

Lower Design

Utilise a standardised upstream and downstream facilities design.

Reduced Levels of
Equipment Failure

Equip your facilities with the best fibre optic cables.

Best Use of
Innovative Products

Stay confident with a family of award-winning products.


Reduce the failures and risks of fire, physical inspections, or on-site maintenance.

Reduced Operational Expenses

Save costs by cutting expenses on on-site staffing.


Quicker and more effective procurement processes

Increased Overall Performance

Efficiency across all operational sectors of your infrastructure

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