Smart Predictive
High Service
Reliability & Availability

VizionEye™ Monitoring

Prevent failures before they happen. In today’s high uptime industry, it is increasingly being recognised that mission-critical facilities must be continuously monitored to ensure best practices as even a single power outage can cause loss of revenue and lives.

With VizionEye™ Monitoring Software Platform, you can save your business from potential hazards with continuous thermal monitoring, which can prevent more than 80% of failures caused by human errors.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify potential failures and increase the production of highly critical assets with insights and alerts.

Benchmark and Thresholds

Configure the thermal limits according to international thermography standards.

Remote Device Management

Maintain the health, connectivity and security of your assets at a distance.

Reduce Downtime

Get notified immediately through push notifications, SMS, email whenever temperatures become abnormal.

High Service Reliability & Availability

Intelligent fail-over mechanism which ensures 99.9% uptime. Guarantees a high level of quality over a long time.

Smart Prediction

VizionEye™ is an invaluable tool that detects anomalies, triggering receiving warnings and other high-priority messages in real-time. Easily visualise and analyse the thermal patten of your switchgear with smart analytics.

Energy Monitoring & Targeting

Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) is an energy efficiency technique that uses energy information to eliminate waste. VizionEye™ Energy Monitoring helps identify and explain excessive energy use and detect instances when consumption is higher or lower.


Built-in SLD feature in VizionEye™ helps in depicting the electrical distribution system by a graphic representation.


The Power Technologies Advantage

Lower Design

Utilise a standardised upstream and downstream facilities design.

Reduced Levels of
Equipment Failure

Equip your facilities with the best performance profiles

Best Use of
Innovative Products

Stay confident with a family of durable products


Reduce the failures and risks of physical inspections or maintenance

Reduced Operational Expenses

Save costs by cutting expenses on on-site staffing.


Quicker and more effective procurement processes.

Increased Overall Performance

Efficiency across all operational sectors of your business

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