VizionEye™ Monitoring Software

Real-Time Energy and Condition-Based Monitoring for Round The Clock Security


Understanding Monitoring Software

Monitoring software is an essential tool enabling real-time surveillance for optimal security and performance. It provides crucial insights into potential failures, tracks thermal patterns, and manages energy efficiency. With immediate alerts for abnormal conditions and comprehensive analytics, it enhances productivity and prevents costly downtime.


VizionEye™ Monitoring Software

In a time where constant uptime is vital, the real-time monitoring of mission-critical facilities is crucial. A single power outage can lead to significant revenue loss and even pose risks to lives. The VizionEye™ Monitoring tool, utilizing M&T technology, offers a proactive solution. By analyzing energy metrics to reduce waste, VizionEye™ energy monitoring tool helps identify excessive electricity consumption and detect anomalies in energy usage. Moreover, its continuous thermal monitoring can prevent over 80% of human-error-caused failures perfect for energy management. This ensures your industrial business remains protected from potential hazards while maintaining optimal operations.


Key Features

Smart Predictive Maintenance

Identify potential failures and enhance the output of highly critical assets with insights and alerts.

Remote Device Management

Preserve the health, connectivity, and security of your assets remotely.

Energy Monitoring System & Targeting

VizionEye™ employs Monitoring and Targeting (M&T), an energy efficiency technique to reduce waste.


The integrated SLD feature in VizionEye™ assists in graphically representing the electrical distribution system.

Benchmark and Thresholds

Set up the thermal limits following international thermography standards.


Benefits of VizionEye™ Monitoring Software


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365x7x24 Predictive Thermal & Energy Monitoring Solution with inbuilt SLD features for real-time enterprise level data and reporting.


VizionEye™ Monitoring Software Applications

The VizionEye™ Monitoring Software is flexible and adaptable, integrating effortlessly into a multitude of applications. It’s expertly engineered to monitor critical low and medium voltage electrical busbar and cable terminations, transformers, uninterruptible power supplies, and power distribution units. This makes it an essential tool across various sectors, offering comprehensive thermal and energy monitoring solutions that protect operations and maximize performance.


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VizionEye™ Monitoring Software

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VizionEye™ Monitoring Software

Download pdf here

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