Exertherm IR Predictive

Predict and prevent more failures with 24/7 Thermal Condition Monitoring. Exertherm® predictive thermal monitoring solutions are specifically designed to provide protection against major and expensive failures for more savings and increased safety.

Exertherm® is a non-powered, non-contact infrared sensor solution which guarantees a lifetime warranty and maintenance-free operation. The system constantly provides key thermal data from internal electrical switchgear solutions to help reduce and remove the risk of:

  • Major power outages caused by unseen connection failures
  • Potentially catastrophic Arc Flash incidents

Apart from Switchgear Monitoring, we also offer a highly scalable (single to) multi-site Energy Management System alongside the advanced capabilities of VizionEye™ to help ensure and maximise energy efficiency in your facility. Features include:

  • Comprehensive yet simple-to-use energy usage monitoring
  • Capacity analysis
  • Comparative period analysis and reporting
  • Power and quality analysis

To date, Exertherm® is the #1 provider of 24/7 Thermal Condition Monitoring for electrical infrastructure and is trusted by all major OEMs in the world. We deliver complete solutions for LV/MV Switchgear, MCC Drawers, Dry Transformers and more.

The Power Technologies & Exertherm Advantage

Lower Design

Utilise a standardised upstream and downstream facilities design.

Reduced Levels of
Equipment Failure

Equip your facilities with the best performance profiles.

Best Use of AI Analytics

Stay confident with a consistent, uniform data from intelligent sensors.


Reduce the failures and risks of physical inspections or maintenance.

Reduced Operational Expenses

Save costs by cutting expenses on-site staffing

Better Efficiency

Quicker and more effective procurement processes

Increased Overall Performance

Efficiency across all operational sectors of your business

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