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Number of channels 4/8/16 channels Power supply 24VDC Temperature measurement distance Single channel 5km / 1Okm


Power Supply Input Voltage 24VDC Number of Channel 4 Operating Temperature Setting -40⁰C ~ 120⁰C (Default Alarm 85⁰C)


High-speed, stable Wireless Gateway with Zigbee protocol for data transmission and signal conversion in power sector.


High-speed, stable Multifunction Wireless Repeater for network monitoring in power sector, with low consumption and high anti-interference.


A water leak sensor relay with LCD, providing 150m coverage, instant alarms, exact leakage location, and seamless integration for remote monitoring.


Advanced water leak detection relay with immediate alerts, exact location tracking, and 1500m coverage. Ideal for protecting critical infrastructure.


A wireless five-in-one sensor for partial discharge, temperature, and humidity. Compact, adaptable, with UHF, AE, TEV monitoring, and 10-year battery life for unparalleled safety and reliability.


Power Supply Input: Voltage Voltage Free & Battery Free Energy Harvesting: ≤5A ~ 6000A Operational Voltage: 110V ~ 500kV (VAC)


Temperature measurement type Infrared Focus Point 2.1mm Aperture f0.8