PTSenR Self-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensors

PTSenR Self-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensors utilise energy-harvesting technology, a process by which energy is derived from external source, captured and stored from small wireless electronic devices.
As a result, PT Self-Powered Wireless Temperature Sensors are capable of utilising a robust and real-time technology to continuously monitor the health of critical electric and distribution assets.

Apart from being battery- and maintenance-free, the self-powered wireless temperature sensor product line is also designed to easily monitor hard-to-reach locations. This makes the products ideal for those looking for a set and forget application for their facility with guaranteed 25 years of performance lifespans.
With a wide variety of self-powered of self-powered wireless temperature sensors, you can rest assured that our products will suit any application and range. Discover them below.

System Architecture


The Power Technologies Advantage

Lower Design

Utilise a standardised upstream and downstream facilities design.

Reduced Levels of
Equipment Failure

Equip your facilities with the best performance profiles

Best Use of
Innovative Products

Stay confident with a family of durable products.


Reduce the failures and risks of physical inspections or maintenance

Reduced Operational Expenses

Save costs by cutting expenses on on-site staffing.


Quicker and more effective procurement processes.

Increased Overall Performance

Efficiency across all operational sectors of your business.

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